Average Indian takes 36000 Financial Decisions in his or her life.

Where can bad decisions lead you?

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At Age 65


were still working, can’t afford to quit


were dependent on children & charity

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As an Employee


find it difficult to meet household expenses


of them are not prepared for sudden loss of income

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As a Family


of their goals are reached after borrowing


are worried they can't afford kid's education

Here are a few customer stories where the right decisions changed their life

How We Helped Akash Sarkar Face a Terminal Illness Without Incurring Financial Loss
jayesh and jaya
Akash Sarkar
Founder-Techcherry Software
I found myself to be LUCKY to get unbaised financial planning with MYINVESTORFIRST Before I had alot of confusion about my finance After opt for services everything comes in a track now i clear with my income,expense,finance goal.Atlast I want to thnaks Mr. RITANSHU for his Efforts .
How We Helped "Ankit Jain" Face the Loss of Her Husband And Secure Her Family Financially
Ankit Jain
Manager-Ola Cab
Being A Salaried Person My Salary is the only Income With MYINVESTORFIRST Services Now I can have One more source of Income Thought INVESTMENT.I recommend every employee to opt of services get additional source of income make your life financially planned
The real life names and identity of the characters have been morphed for the benefit of protecting the client’s information.